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Neighbourhood Plan Programme - June 2020

Neighbourhood Plan Programme - June 2020

Programme Status @ June 2020

Plan progress has slowed slightly due in part to Covid19 and the delay in obtaining our grant for the period to October 2020, which we are pleased to report has now been secured. The next major milestone Options Consultation is now planned for September rather than July as previously reported

The household survey which closed with a 58% response rate (very high) has now been published and details resident’s opinions on a range of topics including housing, green spaces, facilities employment and much more

Employers and service providers have been asked to express their views on the future of the parish and we are now analysing the results

Significantly, we have now completed our Call for Sites, where residents and local landowners have submiited sites for possible development. The results are currently being combined with data from SSDC who undertook a similar process recently

All the data from the above and various other surveys now under way, will be used together with a housing needs assessment to determine what development is needed and appropriate for the parish.

The housing needs assessment will shortly be undertaken by external professionals - AECOM (Locality - Neighbourhood Planning Support) who will draw on population statistics, projected changes in household size and numbers, affordability and a whole raft of other information.

The culmination of this effort will be an Options Consultation throughout the Parish in September 2020

Remember, there will be development in the parish (whether we have a plan or not)

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan is to influence how many, what is built and where, to keep the essential character of the area. No development is not an option.

15th June 2020

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