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Neighbourhood Development Plan

September 1st 2021

Draft Neighbourhood Plan Public Consultation

Regulation 14 is now CLOSED

Thank you for responding to the Draft Neighbourhood Plan, we have received a significant number of responses which is great,  and we are now busy analysing the results.

Please note that during the consultation period we did publish some additional background documents as we received them from AECOM, which are listed under the Information and Documents Tab above or you can go directly to them by clicking the individual report titles below:


Habitats Regulations Assessment                            

Site Options and Assessment Supplementary Report

Heritage Impact Assessment                                                       


If people do wish to comment on these in relation to the plan we are happy to receive such comments up to 15 September via email at:

Thank you from the NP Working Group

July 16th 2021

Draft Plan Public Consultation

Draft Plan Consultation

North Cadbury and Yarlington Parish Council invites representations on its Draft Neighbourhood Development Plan (DP) and the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). The parish council (qualifying body) has approved  the DP and given permission for the consultation to take place. 

What is this consultation about? 

This is a formal public consultation run in accordance with Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. 

Consultation runs from 16th July 2021 to 31st August 2021. 

We are consulting to gather the views of all stakeholders, particularly those who live, work or carry-on business in the Parish. The plan will be sent to the LPA  -   SSDC  and other statutory bodies including Somerset County Council, Environment Agency, Natural England, and Historic England amongst many others. We are also consulting with neighbouring Parish Councils, Service Providers, landowners, and various societies. 

Views are invited on the content of the plan, proposed policies, whether you think there is anything missing or indeed anything else you wish to mention, please be as specific as possible.  

The consultation feedback will be documented, and a list of representations will be produced. Once gathered these views will inform the next stages of the plan development. 

View or Download the Draft Plan click: Draft Plan

View or Download the SEA click: SEA

Hard copies of the DP are available for viewing at the Galhampton and North Cadbury stores whilst a few paper copies are available on request. Contact Richard Rundle on 01963 440088

Come and discuss the plan with the team at the following Village Hall events:

Galhampton                      Tuesday      10th August 2021, 6.00pm – 8.00pm

North Cadbury                  Wednesday  11th August 2021, 3.00pm – 8.00pm

Yarlington                         Thursday     12th August 2021, 6.00pm – 8.00pm 

How can you respond to this consultation?

Online Click: Draft Plan Response

By email :

By forms available to pick up & return at Galhampton Store and North Cadbury Stores


Please make sure you complete your return by 31 August 2021.

 Difficulty in responding? Please contact Richard Rundle: 01963 440088

March 13th 2021

Options Consultation Summary Report

We have now completed the January / February additional sites and green spaces consultation and we are now busy consolidating the detailed responses and comments with the earlier November / December exercise so that we can issue, in due course, a full  consolidated final report.

To give you some more immediate feedback of 

You told us

please find a summary of our findings in this link: Summary of Residents Options Consultations

December 21st 2020

Options Consultation Headlines

We promised to give you feedback before Christmas on the recent questionnaire. The headlines are below but we will follow this up with more detailed analysis in the New Year. Once again thank you to all who took the time to respond it was magnificent  

How many people responded? 

We had just over 460 people participating (taking into account whether responses were made individually or from households). 

The approximate breakdown by area was: 

North Cadbury 50%

Woolston 11%

Yarlington 9%

Galhampton 30%

We had a good response rate from each settlement, which has provided a good basis for our analysis 

The vision

Thought to be good or very good by about 4 out of 5 respondents with some further suggestions made that we will need to consider, such as placing more emphasis on improved facilities, and retention of the character of the area 

Approach on Housing Mix, Employment and Facilities

Over 90% felt the findings were about right, not surprisingly however we received over 100 added comments particularly on Housing and certain facilities issues 

Sites for Housing and Employment

A total of 8 sites were clearly supported by residents with another 5 locations having a borderline level of response. 7 of the sites were subject to outright rejection, with what could be described as an overwhelming level of opposition.

We received a large number of responses to these questions which we will carefully consider. We have also had further contacts from landowners about their site options and possible changes, that we also need to consider.

Once we have done this, our next step will be to discuss the possible site choices with SSDC in the New Year

Local Green Spaces and Important Views

Green Spaces and Views are clearly very important to residents of the Parish with at least 80%, and sometimes nearly 100% of people saying these were very important. We had a large number of comments and suggestions to look through, and from this have identified at least 4 more locations to assess as local green spaces (we will try to contact the landowners of these sites), and at least 5 more views to consider

Walking, Cycling & Riding

We sought to understand how well footpaths, bridleways, routes and cycleways were used. We have more than enough evidence to show that the routes we had identified were well used. As this was quite a high priority from the household survey we conducted in February we also wanted to know if you had any suggestions on new routes and where they might run. We had over 70 comments/suggestions which we are now sifting through! 

Anything else?

We had just over 50 comments on other points to consider, which we will do. We also had a lot of complimentary and supportive comments, and some rightly challenging us to up our game in communicating plan progress going forward.

September 2019

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Getting Involved

Currently under the SSDC Local Plan Review process our parish has been identified as a target for significant housing and employment growth. 

If you wish to influence the outcome of that review you need to become involved and make your voice heard. To do so please use the contact form under the Get Involved section of Information and Documents tab above where you will also find our privacy policy. Or if you wish simply to make a comment then use the Contact US tab above

We hope you find the site informative, useful and we welcome any feedback you may have

News Updates

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New Items Archived to the News Tab

For a cleaner and less cluttered home page all news items that appear here will be archived in full under the News Tab above after two months

1st September 2021



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19th August 2021

Wessex Internet Full Fibre Development

Full Fibre Internet for the Parish

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12th March 2021

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