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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are AECOM?

A: AECOM are a US based organisation who have been awarded a 4 year contract to support Locality who under HMG funding bring local people together to meet local needs by supporting them to create neighbourhood plans. All our funding for our Neighbourhood Plan comes from Locality AECOM are in their words ".. the world's premier infrastructure firm, delivering professional services throughout the project lifecycle.." AECOM deliver a wide range of planning and environmental services to help communities across England develop their neighbourhood plans and shape development and growth in their local area, which include the location of new housing and businesses.

► Site assessment?

Q: How do you determine whether a site is suitable/or not ?

A: Locality (who use AECOM) have a methodology which is published on their website here: Copy and paste into your search bar and have a look - there is a lot to read!

► Views of the public

Q: Does the public get to put its views, specifically on the issue of housing sites?

A: We use Locality / AECOM to help with the assessment and give their views on site suitability. The outcome of this work goes forward for public consultation currently planned for late September Remember it is the public who will decide, via a referendum, the final shape of the plan

► Is the existing community plan still valid?

Q: We have been asked about the status of the 2017 Community Plan

A: Yes. Parish or Community plans remain one of the means by which communities can deliver on their ambitions. Indeed in many cases these provide a firm foundation to undertake neighbourhood planning under the Localism Act. A neighbourhood plan once it is brought into force after a referendum carries the real legal weight.

► What is the purpose of a Neighbourhood plan?

Q: What is the reason for developing a Neighbourhood Plan?

A: A Neighbourhood Plan (sometimes called Neighbourhood Development Plan) is a way of helping local communities to influence the planning of the area in which they live and work. It can be used to: • Develop a shared vision for your neighbourhood. • Influence where new homes, shops, offices and other development should be built. • Identify and protect important local green spaces. • Influence what new buildings should look like