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Issues identified for consideration

A major issue at present is the problem created by the parking outside the school, which causes frustration and delays at peak times, as well as road safety concerns.

Check that the Somerset parking guidelines reflect the realities of car ownership levels, so that there is sufficient off-road car parking with new development (as there are few opportunities for cars to park safely on existing roads due to their width). 

Identify and where opportunities arise create new safe routes for walkers, cyclists and horse riders – particularly linking to the various community facilities and utilising the public rights of way network as far as possible.  The maintenance of these routes falls outside the scope of this plan

Ensure those without access to a car can access public transport – whilst this neighbourhood plan cannot guarantee the provision of services, it can consider where the bus routes currently run and the provision of bus shelters at the stops.

Areas identified for potential inclusion in the neighbourhood plan, subject to resources and community support: