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Potential Development Sites  -  August 2020

Potential Development Sites - August 2020

Please find listed below with an associated map the  sites submitted by landowners to either SSDC or NC&Y as potential development locations for residential or commercial use.

All sites are currently being assessed on our behalf by AECOM (see FAQ)  as to whether they are suitable for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan, which is due to come forward for public consultation late September 2020 


NC&Y01  North Side Doddinal, Woolston

NC&Y02  Yarlington Lodge Estate, Yarlington

NC&Y03  South Of Avalon Farm, Galhampton Hill, Galhampton

NC&Y04  East Side Of Cary Road Above The Grange N.Cadbury

NC&Y05  West Of Sandbrook Lane, N.Cadbury

NC&Y06  East Of Sandbrook Lane, N.Cadbury

NC&Y07  Hearn Lane, West Of March Cottage, Galhampton

NC&Y08  Adj.Horseshoe Villas/Cottage, Woolston

NC&Y09  South Of Agecroft, March Lane, Galhampton

NC&Y10  Sandbrook Lane, N.Cadbury

NC&Y11  East Of Manor Farm On Woolston Road, N.Cadbury

NC&Y12  West Of Manor Farm On Woolston Road, N.Cadbury

NC&Y13  Top Ridgeway Lane, Existing Orchard, N.Cadbury

SSDC1    Ridgeway Lane, Clare Field Nr. Allotment, N.Cadbury

SSDC2    Adjacent To Restricted Byway WN/105, N.Cadbury

SSDC3    Down Ash Farm, N.Cadbury

SSDC4    North Town Farm, N.Cadbury

SSDC5    East Of Cadbury Business Park, N.Cadbury

SSDC6    West Of Cadbury Business Park, N.Cadbury

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Parish Map - Potential Developmnet sites (pdf)

13th August 2020

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