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Neighbourhood Plan Programme Status @ June 2020

Plan progress has slowed slightly due in part to Covid19 and the delay in obtaining our grant for the period to October 2020, which we are pleased to report has now been secured. The next major milestone Options Consultation is now planned for September rather than July as previously reported

The household survey which closed with a 58% response rate (very high) has now been published and details resident’s opinions on a range of topics including housing, green spaces, facilities employment and much more

Employers and service providers have been asked to express their views on the future of the parish and we are now analysing the results 

Significantly, we have now completed our Call for Sites, where residents and local landowners have submiited sites for possible development. The results are currently being combined with data from SSDC who undertook a similar process recently  

All the data from the above and various other surveys now under way, will be used together with a housing needs assessment to determine what development is needed and appropriate for the parish. 

The housing needs assessment will shortly be undertaken by external professionals  - AECOM (Locality - Neighbourhood Planning Support) who will draw on population statistics, projected changes in household size and numbers, affordability  and a whole raft of other information. 

The culmination of this effort will be an Options Consultation throughout the Parish in September 2020 

Remember,  there will be development in the parish (whether we have a plan or not)

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Plan is to influence how many, what is built and where, to keep the essential character of the area. No development is not an option. 

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Our Chance to Influence the Future


In the North Cadbury and Yarlington Parish we live in a beautiful part of Somerset which we can all enjoy both now and hopefully in the future.

A Parish View

In 2006 the Parish Council published a consultation document on the future of the parish that attempted to "Marry the Future to the Past" the 2006 Parish Plan 

By March 2015 SSDC had developed and adopted the  SSDC Local Plan 2006-2028 which supports the Council’s long-term vision for managing and accommodating residential and economic growth across South Somerset. Following concerns though, raised by HM Inspector at the examination stage, the Council decided to undertake a review of the Local Plan and  committed, to produce by late 2021, a Revised Local Plan now covering the period 2016-2036

In the same period the Parish Council commissioned a further local consultation resulting in the 2017 Community Plan.  Like its predecessor in 2006 its aim was to obtain the views of parishioners on how they wanted the four areas of the parish (North Cadbury, Galhampton, Yarlington and Woolston) to respond to growing demands for housing and employment 

The consistent response from both consultations was a desire to preserve the footprint and character of the area, with any new housing developments to be built sympathetically and integrated into the Parish environment.  However, in both cases the reports were only a guide for planners and had no legal status. To achieve that, under the 2011 Localism Act, the Parish Council are obliged to produce and have adopted a Neighbourhood Plan.

Going Forward

In the light of this the Parish Council have decided, whilst the SSDC Local Plan Review is taking place,  to take the next step and produce the North Cadbury and Yarlington Neighbourhood Plan, which when adopted, will have the benefit of establishing planning policies with statutory weight that will influence future planning decisions in our community and will last for the same period as the Locality Neighbourhood Planning Support   

To help develop and deliver our Neighbourhood Plan this website has been built (as part of a wider set of initiatives - see Latest News) to inform and to encourage parishioners to participate in creating a sustainable development plan that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.  

Navigating the site

A range of topics will need to be addressed, each may be accessed through the icons below. Further information and functions are available via tabs at the top. Within any section relevant documents or images may be accessed directly by clicking on the blue text

This site has been designed for use on your PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone and in each case, there is a site map providing connections to any aspect of the site as well as links to other relevant websites

Getting Involved

Currently under the SSDC Local Plan Review process our parish has been identified as a target for significant housing and employment growth. 

If you wish to influence the outcome of that review you need to become involved and make your voice heard. To do so please use the contact form under the Get Involved section of Information and Documents tab above where you will also find our privacy policy. Or if you wish simply to make a comment then use the Contact US tab above

We hope you find the site informative, useful and we welcome any feedback you may have

News Updates

Potential Development Sites  -  August 2020

Potential Development Sites - August 2020

Please find listed below with an associated map the  sites submitted by landowners to either SSDC or NC&Y as potential development locations for residential or commercial use.

All sites are currently being assessed on our behalf by AECOM (see FAQ)  as to whether they are suitable for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan, which is due to come forward for public consultation late September 2020 


NC&Y01  North Side Doddinal, Woolston

NC&Y02  Yarlington Lodge Estate, Yarlington

NC&Y03  South Of Avalon Farm, Galhampton Hill, Galhampton

NC&Y04  East Side Of Cary Road Above The Grange N.Cadbury

NC&Y05  West Of Sandbrook Lane, N.Cadbury

NC&Y06  East Of Sandbrook Lane, N.Cadbury

NC&Y07  Hearn Lane, West Of March Cottage, Galhampton

NC&Y08  Adj.Horseshoe Villas/Cottage, Woolston

NC&Y09  South Of Agecroft, March Lane, Galhampton

NC&Y10  Sandbrook Lane, N.Cadbury

NC&Y11  East Of Manor Farm On Woolston Road, N.Cadbury

NC&Y12  West Of Manor Farm On Woolston Road, N.Cadbury

NC&Y13  Top Ridgeway Lane, Existing Orchard, N.Cadbury

SSDC1    Ridgeway Lane, Clare Field Nr. Allotment, N.Cadbury

SSDC2    Adjacent To Restricted Byway WN/105, N.Cadbury

SSDC3    Down Ash Farm, N.Cadbury

SSDC4    North Town Farm, N.Cadbury

SSDC5    East Of Cadbury Business Park, N.Cadbury

SSDC6    West Of Cadbury Business Park, N.Cadbury

Any Qusetions?   Check out the FAQs or click the CONTACT US tab at the top of page

Parish Map - Potential Developmnet sites

13th August 2020

Neighbourhood Plan Survey -  February 2020 Report Now Available

Neighbourhood Plan Survey - February 2020 Report Now Available

Produced by Jo Witherden BSc(Hons) DipTP DipUD MRTPI of Dorset Planning Consultant Ltd in conjunction with the North Cadbury and Yarlington Neighbourhood Plan Group

The results of the Neighbourhood Plan Survey have now been collated in order to provide an evidence base for the Plan. 

There was an excellent response rate from households with young children through to households with one or two elderly residents. Many respondents across Galhampton, North Cadbury, Woolston and Yarlington,  have lived here for at least 15 years and obviously know the area and its issues very well.

Following the release of this survey we will be publishing the results of our "Call for Sites" identifying a number of potential building sites across the Parish that will be consulted on later this year. In addition, the separate Business and Facilities surveys that were carried out in March/April, are currently being analysed.

We are always looking at ways to improve how we consult and inform residents, your participation is vital and valued at every stage.

Here is the report:

2020 Household Survey Report

20th May 2020

Housing and Economic Land Availability

Housing and Economic Land Availability


South Somerset District Council is reviewing the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) which will be part of their evidence base used to identify additional sites for housing or employment to meet the District’s future requirements and to inform the five-year supply of deliverable housing land. 

Their  assessment will consider all sites and broad locations capable of delivering five or more dwellings or economic development on sites of 0.25 ha (or 500m2 of floorspace) and above. 

For more detail go to the SSDC website  -  Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA)

Neighbourhood Plan Approach

Whilst submissions to SSDC may also be used to support the preparation of our Neighbourhood Plan the process does not necessarily identify all possible locations. As a result the NP Working Group is inviting residents and landowners in the community the opportunity to offer up potential sites above and below the SSDC threshold of 0.25 ha.

We wish to ensure that no location is overlooked and that all options are considered that may be more in tune with residents wishes of preserving the nature and character of the plan area. 

So do you own some land in the parish?

* Perhaps a garden that is now too large, or

* A green field site, or

* Buildings which could be converted or redeveloped.

Would you like the Neighbourhood Plan to include it to allow some sort of development to take place?

If you do - you should tell us now.

If you are not Sure here are some common Questions and Answers

Q: I have submitted my site to South Somerset District Council – do I need to respond to your call?

A: Yes - the District Council do not have the necessary consents to pass your personal information on, and completing our forms ensures that we have the information we need to assess all sites fairly.

Q: My site is below the SSDC threshold of 0.25ha – does this matter?
A: No - the Neighbourhood Plan will consider all sites regardless of size

Q: I am worried that submitting my site could upset my neighbours – can the submissions remain confidential or should I tell my neighbours?
A: We have to be open and transparent and therefore we will need to publish all the sites that have been submitted at some point.  We will be consulting on sites so there will be an opportunity for your neighbours to point out any concerns they may have about the site and these will be taken into account in the decision making process. 

Q: What happens if I change my mind about developing my site?
A: Suggesting a site does not guarantee that it will be included in the Neighbourhood Plan, or that it would definitely be developed, but it does mean that you would like it to be considered at this point in time.  If you do decide that you no longer wish your site to be considered you can contact the Neighbourhood Plan Group to ask for it to be withdrawn.

What to do Now

If you have such a site register your details by clicking on this link : Call for Sites  before the deadline 

Or contact the Chairman Mike Martin at -

This " Call for Sites" will close on April 17th, 2020

19th March 2020